At Garud India we have been defining and redefining relevance in contemporary style furniture with skill and fair. We believe in creating products that represent quality, innovative design and colors embraced by customer across the world.

We have a comprehensive understanding of the trends in furniture industry and have a vision to successfully steer the company towards the thresh-hold of the 21st century. Over the years the Garud India has maintained a steady profile with innovation, stringent quality control and timely deliveries.

We have our own manufacturing and supporting units empowered by disciplined team of workers and staff that consciously integrate traditional craftsmanship with modern production techniques that enabling us to stand by following customer-oriented objectives.

  • Quality
  • Quest for Innovation
  • Trendy Designs
  • Elegance with Economy
  • Service Commitment

Continuous emphasis on quality control at all levels goes a long way in enhancing the values of a product and its reputation. At garud India quality control is vital and indispensable part of the company’s efficient work culture. Each stage of production is carefully and continuously monitored by the company’s quality control staff as well as the management. All the quality raw material sourced from the company’s reputed vendors is checked on day to day basis. Stringent and proven QC measures at each production stage not only produce excellent final product but also bring down the rejection rate and keep the product cost is check. The idea is to produce an end product that gives you true value for your money.

Our strength are in our relationship knowledge of current trends, designs and colors, we believe that we can offer a product indent Programme that provides you with products representative of international trends and fashion.

Garud India welcomes you to world of comfort and creativity.

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